“We want to thank all of our guest speakers and everyone who attended. This event was a great way to start an important conversation. The goal of our Center for Investor Education is to help people have more productive conversations about personal finance both in the classroom and at the kitchen table. We’ll see you next year!”



Hosted by: The Alliance Center for Investor Education and Lackawanna College
This first of its kind financial education summit is for business owners, industry leaders, and individuals who want to make better decisions with their money. In an increasingly uncertain economic environment, it is vital that people in all stages of life have the tools and information they need to make good choices. Speakers will discuss topics that include: having better frameworks for decision-making, how psychology can impact financial outcomes, and the future of financial education.


Thursday, November 17, 2022
POSH Events
404 North Washington Avenue, Scranton, PA
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Part I: Live Podcast🎙 | What really drives people’s decision-making when it comes to money?
Part II: Advisory Panel | Improving decision making process in all stages of wealth creation though education
Part III: Advisory Panel | Q&A with audience

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What really drives people’s decision-making when it comes to money? The answers may surprise you.  We tend to think of finance and investing as math-based pursuits rooted in numbers, but good decisions require understanding our own psychology and behaviors. What are the common themes that lead to good outcomes over the long-term? Whether you are an employee, a business owner or a raising a family, how can you optimize your wealth building process? What framework can we apply using some of the characteristics shared by the world’s best executives and investors?  

Michael J. Cordaro, MBA

Vice President | Wealth Advisor

Christopher L. Buteau

Regional Director | Fidelity Investments

Advisory Panel

Jill A. Murray, Ph.D.

President of Lackawanna College

Stephanie Decker

Social & Economic Impact | Lackawanna College

John Basalyga

President | JBAS Realty & Eastern Roofing Systems

Maggie Zayac

Owner | The Daisy Collective

Jude R. McDonough, CFP®

Panel Moderator | Senior Vice President | Wealth Advisor

Scott Lynett, Esq.

Attorney | Legacy Planning

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The Alliance Center for Investor Education was created with the goal of partnering with organizations and thought leaders in Northeastern Pennsylvania to help improve financial outcomes for more people in our region. Having the proper tools and information needed to make good decisions through different stages in life can be a challenge, regardless of someone’s level of formal education. Our aim is to improve financial literacy and teach the core foundations of personal finance in a fun and engaging way. This will allow people to feel more empowered and make better decisions with their money.


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