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Sep 01, 2020

As the election gets closer, it continues to be one of the main topics in our conversations. We did some research and broke it up into two posts a couple of weeks ago. The first post pertained to Presidential elections and the second one covered Congressional elections. We thought we would stop posting about the election, but the conversations kept happening and we kept finding more interesting articles in our research.

This post is going to be short and the main purpose is to share a very interesting article that we found from Forbes. The article highlights market performance under each administration dating back to Harry S. Truman. It also includes recessions, economic expansions and debt to GDP. It doesn’t change our views from our prior posts. It actually validates our opinion that the election is a short-term event that you should not attempt to time if you are a long term investor. We continue to recommend that you focus on the risk in your portfolio and make sure that it fits into your financial plan.

Below is a link to the article from Forbes:

We Looked at How the Stock Market Performed Under Every U.S. President Since Truman – And the Results will Surprise You


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