A Conversation with Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine


Mar 17, 2023

Last year we launched the Alliance Center for Investor Education with the goal of improving financial outcomes for more people in our region. As part of this effort we partner with business, education, and non-profit organizations to provide resources around topics of financial planning and investing in an engaging way. Our mission is to improve people’s ability to have important financial conversations and make better decisions, both in the classroom and at the kitchen table.

Earlier this week, Michael Cordaro spoke with students of the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine who are preparing to transition to their respective residency programs. Doctors face a unique set of financial circumstances. From large student debt balances to the years of education needed before they enter the workforce, it is essential for medical professionals to have a framework for making good financial decisions that suits their needs. We really enjoyed the conversation, and hope that the audience found it helpful as they navigate the financial complexities that come with this stage in their careers. The Medical School is an essential part of our community and the region’s economy, and we are grateful to them for having us!


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