Financial Impact Summit with Lackawanna College


Nov 16, 2022

In case you missed it, on Thursday November 17th we will be hosting the first ever Financial Impact Summit in partnership with Lackawanna College. The fast-moving world of finance constantly evolves. Unfortunately, as the world evolved and got more complex our education and resources around topics of personal finance did not keep pace. Rather than your standard financial seminar, we want to ask important questions and hear from people at different stages in their careers and lives. How do people really make decisions when it comes to money? How can we improve financial outcomes for more people? How can the education system and financial industry do more? As the saying goes, there are no patents in finance, so you better keep learning. Unfortunately, education about personal finance has not been a part of curricula at any level. Our goal is to start a dialogue with business and education leaders in our region about how we can better prepare people at all stages of life to make better financial decisions. In an increasingly uncertain economic environment, it is vital that people have the tools and information they need to make good choices. Speakers will discuss topics that include: having better frameworks for decision-making, how psychology can impact financial outcomes, and the future of financial education.

We are excited about the group of leaders who will be participating. You can learn more, view the lineup of speakers and RSVP by visiting: For more information on this important topic, you can also check out the op-ed published in the Sunday Times by Michael Cordaro and Lackawanna College President, Dr. Jill Murray by clicking here.


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