Jog For Jude Community Celebration


Apr 25, 2022

On Saturday evening our team and families joined so many in the community to enjoy the Jog For Jude 5k in Dunmore. Thousands of runners, walkers, and volunteers gathered to support the Jude Zayac Foundation after two years off due to the pandemic. This year’s event included rides, activities for children, and fireworks to cap off the event. It was great to see so many families having fun and spending time together while raising money for the Boston Children’s Hospital and the St. Joseph’s Center Children’s Pantry.

Theo, Greg, and their families started with an initial goal of having 100 people and raising $1,000, and it has since grown to the largest SIDS awareness 5k in the country. In case you missed our podcast episode with them, please listen to it below. You can still donate to their incredible cause by clicking here. Thanks so much to the Zayac families, volunteers, and sponsors who worked hard to bring this very special event back and making it better than ever.

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