Scott Lynett

Financial Impact Summit: Introducing Attorney Scott Lynett, Founder of Legacy Planning


Sep 11, 2023

About The Event:
This year’s theme is based on conversations we have every day with clients. As the world has become increasingly complex, money can make things even more complicated and stressful. Different generations will have different perspectives. Everyone has different life experiences and goals, and that is the underlying cause of so many financial issues. As Morgan Housel put it “A lot of financial debates are just people with different time horizons talking over each other.” How and where we get our information is also completely different. These factors combine to cause poor communication, mistakes, and even resentment.

The world is changing every day. Whether it is in the classroom or at the kitchen table, we are simply not effectively talking about money across generations. Our goal is to bring together business leaders from different generations to discuss shared values we can all use to filter out the noise and confidently make financial decisions at every stage in life.

You can RSVP at the event’s website!

In case you missed last year’s event, you can check out the highlights here, or listen to our podcast episode where we recapped the discussion that night with Lackawanna College’s Stephanie Decker. You can also RSVP at the event’s website!

About Scott:

We are excited to feature our first panelist, Attorney Scott Lynett. Scott eads a boutique law practice helping business owners and high-net-worth families protect what they have built and pass it on to the people they love in a way that reflects their values and perpetuates their legacy.

Born and raised in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, Scott has been married to his childhood sweetheart Libby for 26 years and is the father of three children. He has been an attorney for 29 years, served as CEO of his 4th generation family business with over 1,000 employees, and has been an entrepreneur owning and operating his own small business. As a result, Scott understands what it’s like to be a parent, a son, a small business owner, and the steward of a multi-generational family business. Most importantly, he understands how challenging these roles can be and how they can come into conflict.  Through careful planning, Scott helps to ensure that his clients’ legacy – their wealth and, most importantly, their values – are protected and passed from generation to generation.

Scott earned his undergraduate degree from Boston College, his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, and his Master’s in Business Administration with honors from Villanova University. He is the owner of PDQ, a small business specializing in e-commerce and fulfillment of print and promotional materials. He has served on numerous community boards and serves as the only shareholder-director on the fiduciary Board of Directors for Times-Shamrock Communications, a business his great-grandfather started in 1895.

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