Getting Started: Taking Inventory

Financial Planning

Mar 06, 2020

To help you get started, we have developed a checklist to assist you gather important data, documents, and statements for analysis. Our objective is to learn as much about your financial situation and discover where and how we add value to you and your family.

  1. Personal Information: Names and birthdays for you and each of your family members.
  2. Income: Please list salaries, business income and real estate income, social security, and other income.
  3. Expenses: Estimated monthly expenses.
  4. Accounts: Please list bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, loans, and other debts.
  5. Other Assets: Please list pensions, real estate, business assets, and other miscellaneous assets.
  6. Insurance: Please list insurance policies, if any.
  7. Prioritize Goals: Retirement, travel, college, etc…

Supporting Documents

  • All investment and retirement account statements
  • Recent Social Security statements
  • First two pages of your tax return

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