Happy Thanksgiving

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Nov 25, 2020

Thanksgiving is arguably the best holiday of the year. For many people, it is the start of an extra-long weekend. It is also the official commencement of the Holiday Season. There are many different Thanksgiving traditions that might include a backyard football game or a turkey trot before the big dinner. The one tradition that we all share is a turkey dinner with family. While this persistent virus may be changing many of our Thanksgiving plans, it will hopefully be celebrated even if it is a smaller gathering than normal years.

In such a difficult year, the meaning of Thanksgiving may be more significant than ever before. It is supposed to be a time to count your blessings from the year and be grateful. The virus took away many of the things in life that we enjoy. Some of us may have lost loved ones to either the virus or by other means. We may not be able to spend time with certain loved ones because of the virus and our Thanksgiving plans have likely been altered in some way due to…you guessed it…the virus. Wait a second. Weren’t we supposed to be grateful?

One positive thing about the virus it that it is teaching us how to be grateful, particularly for the little things in life. If you are reading this post, you can be grateful that you are able to read it and that you are able to afford a device to read it on. If you are having dinner this Thanksgiving whether it is with your usual group or not, you should be grateful that you have food on the table and for those that celebrating with you. You should also be thankful that you have somewhere warm to enjoy your meal and that you’ll have a comfortable place to take a tryptophan induced nap. While it may feel more difficult to be grateful this year than in years past, take the time to put things into perspective. We will eventually defeat this virus and life will be normal again. Thanksgiving is a time to be positive and enjoy the food, friends and family. Focus on what you have and not what you don’t have. Happy Thanksgiving to you and whoever you are fortunate enough to celebrate with this year. We wish you a safe and healthy Holiday Season.


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