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Jun 30, 2022

The goal of our blog is to provide readers with information that allows them to distill complex topics into useful information to make better financial decisions. So obviously we were excited to see our own Jude McDonough cited in the Scranton Times and Citizens’ Voice this week about an important subject impacting all of us right now. The topic of the article was interest rates and how the recent rate hikes are impacting mortgages, credit cards, student loans, auto loans and the stock market. Thanks to Denise Allabaugh for putting together an interesting article to educate our community. This is a very important issue, and it will undoubtedly impact all of us. We were proud to be able to offer our insights to help their readers better understand what is happening.  

You can access the article by clicking on this link. You need to be a subscriber to access the article, but can create a free day pass if you are not a subscriber.  

If you do not have access, you can also check out some other research and thoughts we have compiled. We have written extensively about the Federal Reserve, interest rates, and inflation over the last 18 months. That is because it is a very important subject everyone should understand. You can read more about this topic with some of our other blog articles below:

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